Gyrfalcon Dawn

Session 28 (5/1/15)


On their first full day on the road, the group discusses their plans as they move forward. Trink is full of doubts about how they will be received by different towns and wants to exercise great caution in case people are hostile to the itinerant carnival. The others assure her that at least while they are in friendly territory along the shores of the Zeeva Zee, they should not encounter any problems, although Septimus warns that they might have to pay some graft here and there to be allowed to display their skills. After that, they will just have to take it as it comes.

They then take some time to audition their talents for Septimus, who has taken the role of troupe manager seriously to heart. He has some trouble getting Kibu to accept the idea that he can’t throw knives near Weed until he has demonstrated impeccable consistency of aim. But most of them acquit themselves well, and Septimus is satisfied that their disguise will be plausible.

After a day’s travel they reach a reasonably large town with a fine inn, and Septimus immediately looks to get a game of chance going with Kibu. They eventually get some of the locals involved, but they keep the action light, and Septimus’s winning disposition keeps anyone from getting too put out about losing. Kibu finds an opportunity to lift a purse and earns enough for a soft bed and some sticky buns (probably a bad combination for the cleaning lady).


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