Gyrfalcon Dawn

Session 31 (7/3/15)

First real gig

Even Septimus is eager to set out early the next day and put some distance between himself and the spooky fishing village. Mully is disappointed when Ginny has not caught up to them by mid-day, and later in the afternoon confesses his concern about her to Septimus. It is agreed to send Mully and James back to the hill from which they had sent Ginny off to fly home the previous day, and to catch back up with the group when she finally appears.

The group continues on to the next town, where children playing along the road recognize a potential circus troupe and bombard them with questions as they ride into the central square. It’s a thriving town of a couple thousand inhabitants [whose name I have forgotten so let’s call it Gelvad.] As soon as they arrive, however, they are accosted by an official who is friendly but informs them of strict regulations regarding street performers. They are pointed towards a large green space near the center of town and assigned a place to camp with stabling facilities available nearby. They later meet the mayor who negotiates an appropriate fee (considerably less than his original larcenous offer thanks to Septimus’ negotiating skills) and slots them in for a performance on the following morning in the same general picnic area near the campground.

Septimus hits the town pub and is soon serenading the locals and promoting the coming performance, quite warming to the roll of itinerant troupe master. Only one group of travelers at a table in the corner appear uninterested in his approach: four serious-looking men hunched over their ales and a rather more receptive youth who watches the room and does not seem as deeply engaged with the conversation at his table. At some point the rest of our companions come into the tavern as well and speak among themselves, letting Septimus do his thing and bask in the attention.


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