Gyrfalcon Dawn

Session 14 Recap (11/1/2014)

Rescuing Vastavika

Session 14 Recap

When Septimus, Marina, Trink, and Yachak have time to compare notes in more detail, they decide one one of the most likely places to look for Vasta is the Ducarte estate. Weed is filled in on the plan when he arrives from the Inn, and Vasta’s servants are advised to stay away from the house until further notice. The two cops who were captured while staking the townhouse out are bound and gagged, and dropped into the sewer through the same grate near the stables recently used by Trink.

The group cases out the mansion grounds and leaves Weed in charge of the horses while the rest sneak over the wall. They avoid detection by some guard dogs in a pound, and finally gain entry through a third floor dormer window in the servants’ quarters. They hide out in a guest room until the household has gone to bed, then look for evidence of Vasta’s presence. Septimus searches Ducarte’s study. There is a safe there which he cannot open, but there are remnants of the package which Trink had seen delivered. In a locked drawer of the desk he finds records of past transactions that look as if they relate to a series of payoffs and disbursements that might indicate bribes or other illegal activity.

In an adjoining guest room, they discover Crimner’s private chamber. At the desk they find journal entries that mention recent known activities of the Inspector, providing concrete evidence that could incriminate him. Finally, the last of the kitchen staff go to bed, and they sneak down there, finding the entrance to a cellar. At the end of a long corridor is a lone guard sitting outside several chambers. They attack and kill the guard, and Vasta turns out to be one in one of the cells he was watching.

She is not injured, but is rather frayed from her lengthy interrogation. She gives a cursory account of her ordeal while the other cells are examined for survivors. One other prisoner is rescued, the son of one of the Burghers opposing Ducarte. The group is able to get out of the house through the kitchen doors without raising alarm, and make it over the wall. After seeing the young man to a safe haven, the group takes off in the night, heading north out of town along the ocean road. They travel about ten miles, to a small private Inn run by a friend of Vasta’s, where they take refuge for the night.


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