Handsome young man in a black hooded cloak carrying a staff


6’ tall, average build; shoulder-length black hair; blue eyes; slightly Asian features. There is a shock of hair on one side of face, braided and sometimes dyed. There is also an eagle feather hanging from the hair. Pendant on thong over cloak, blue semi-precious stone in silver mount.

Clothing: Long, flowing, fine-woolen black robe with a hood, opens in front, held with clasps. Underneath, simple tunic and pants or seasonal garb. Leather boots, maybe tasseled. Belt with eagle buckle, pouch or two on belt, knife sheath. Shoulder strap with larger tasseled bag which sometimes stays with horse – this is his medicine bag.

6’ staff of sturdy wood, round chunk of quartz mounted in the top end.

Always with him: a huge, muscular, soulful (but friendly) Siberian Husky named Sy. Well trained, but always inquisitive.



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