Time Table

What a short, strange journey it's been


Day 1
Tavern meet-up, fire, Vasta’s fall, Crimner’s visit.

Day 2
At Karradevelia, meeting Vasta, finding gems. Weed distributes Keeboo posters.

Day 3
Carnival Day. Horse race. Kibu meets Weed, steals Spot.

Day 4
Battle of Karradevelia. Spekso’s necklace is altered and taken to town by Marina. Vasta is kidnapped. After street scuffle, Septimus meets Pinborton. Kibu climbs cliff and meets Surinara. That night, Vasta is rescued and taken to Miss Poplin’s.

Day 5
Kibu and Nhymeri evade soldiers, warn Vasta’s household to leave, travel to clearing in woods with James. Kibu sets off for town, but is captured and interrogated by Crimner. That night, Septimus’s group travels to Karradevelia, speaks to Mully, and finds Nhymeri and James.

Day 6
Group sleeps in woods, sets off in the evening to Sir Romerto’s. Discover news of Kibu’s arrest, use sewers to locate him in jail, but cannot rescue him. Retreat to Weed’s loft lab, then escape from cops into the slums, where they meet Jarley Buttles and formulate plans to create street protest as a diversion for rescue.

Day 7
Day of meetings and plans, beginning with note from Weed, who has disappeared. Scheme proposed to rob bank for evidence against conspiracy. The group meets Countess Matreya. This meeting is interrupted by news that the protests have spontaneously begun early, and group rushes to try to get to Kibu, only to find him already gone. They fight their way out of the sewer and return to the clearing in the woods.


Time Table

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