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Ambrish – Lawyer who successfully represented Vastavika in a previous challenge to her ownership of Karradevelia.

Barlain, Cigil – Chief Constable of Timble-tain

(Magistrate) Bukumar – Officiated at the tourney in the carnival, was grateful to Septimus for smoothing over the incident with the archer. Later was on the panel at Vasta’s competency hearing, and appeared to be sympathetic with the lady’s plight.

Buttles, Jarley – Current leader of Tthe Crimson Knuckle Syndicate, (aka the Bloody Knobbers), who harbors the ambition of becoming the Guild’s first representative to the Plenum of Burghers.

Chike – Former friend of Kibu from Spekso’s caravan, whose life is spared in the battle and chooses to leave town after telling the group what he can.

(Inspector) Crimner, Feltus – Principle villain so far in the story. Interloper in Timble-tainian politics, abusing his power to shake down small businesspeople in support of a power play in the Plenum of Burghers. Captured and interrogated Vastavika, and seemed especially interested in information about Nimmo.

Droat, Ikim – Former leader of the Bloody Knobbers, who met his untimely end in the courtyard of Karradevelia.

Drog – Lackey of Crimner, who escaped battle and was followed by Trink, reported to Crimner, then delivered a package to Ducarte.

Ducarte, Garrid – Banker, Burgher, and cohort of Crimner; his house contains a guest room for the Inspector, and a private jail in the basement.

Ducarte, Carwyn – Son of Garrid, observed by Septimus to be arguing with his father before Septimus raided the banker’s private office.

Gary – Geron – Jeruman – Jerzy – Nimmo

(Baron) Grinborian – Deceased former lover of Vastavika’s. We haven’t really heard his story yet, but here’s the outline: He and Vasta fell in love with each other when they were very young. As the daughter of a lady’s maid in his household, Vasta was a childhood playmate of his, but she held no station or financial prospects of her own, save her unusual talent for entertaining the pampered elite and making them enjoy having her around. Grinborian gallantly proposed marriage to her anyway, but his family promptly nixed that plan and forced him into a loveless union with Lady Catterweff, the daughter of another elite family. He continued his liaison with Vastavika, however, and once he came into full control of his estate, he gave her title to the mountain retreat called Karradevelia. He also sponsored her introduction to high society, where she became a sought-after independent socialite, party planner, and salon hostess. She remained his mistress until the year Catterweff was murdered, and Septimus was wrongfully accused of the deed. This was also the year that a fascinating white-haired stranger appeared on the scene. Vasta welcomed both Nimmo and the young magician into her household and, each in his own season, her bed. Grinborian was never prosecuted, but it was generally known that he had engineered the murder of his wife, and he was forced to withdraw from polite society, dying several years later as a recluse with no designated heir.

Hakeer – Leader of the riders of Aestiavar.

Jagadish – One of the riders of Aestiavar. An interpreter and all-round clever fellow.

Jutta – Old acquaintance and brief love interest of Kibu’s

(Countess) Matreya – Wealthy outsider who has purchased the Grinborian Estate, and is keen to gain control of Karradevelia, though willing to pay a fair price.

Mully – Stablehand at Karradevelia, and expert handler of Ginny, Nimmo’s pet gyrfalcon.

Pinborton, Lerman – Lawyer and agent for Countess Matreya. He has also worked for various other of the elite class, although Matreya is now his chief client and manages to keep him amply busy.

(Sir) Romerto – Proprietor of The Golden Wheel, the high-class casino frequented by the sons and daughters of the elites, and anyone who can afford to be move in their circle. His bouncer’s name is Looey.

Selvitian, Grigg – Son of Plarto Selvitian, who is head of the Jewelers Guild and a member of the Plenum. Grigg was being held for ransom by Crimner and was rescued from the Ducarte dungeon on the same night as Vastavika.

Spekso, Edibal – Flamboyant, bombastic traveling merchant who plies the trade route from Timble-tain to the fabled land of Almatia, far to the east. He makes the round trip once a year, and occupies one of the larger and more lavishly appointed stalls in the Timble-tain marketplace.

Surinara – Wise woman encountered by Kibu and Nhymeri one evening.

Thornton – Groundskeeper at Karradevelia.

Trond – One of the riders of Aestiavar. A large and imposing but amiably impassive sort.

(Lady) Vastavika – Mrs. Gary. Nuff said.



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