All I wanna' do is *bang bang bang* * Cha ching* and take your money!


How to describe Kibu? Kibu is a fun loving energetic young man. If you were to ask him his age he’d give you a blank stare and at most a guess, but I can tell you he just turned 14. At first sight Kibu appears to be a normal, fit young teen. He has been gifted with good looks and permeates a healthy dose of charisma. Though, thats not all he permeates. As if the dirt and grime that covers his whole body most of the time wasn’t enough to deter future friends, those who venture close enough might be gifted a sampling of the Eau de Kibu that unique blend of dirt, body odor, boy funk, and ass that mix in such away that most of his friends tend to enjoy his company from upwind.

This little troublemaker stands at an un opposing 5’4” 115lb. Kibu might be considered runt-ish by some but puberty and the development of skill to procure his own meals have left a lean layer of muscle on the boys transitionally husky frame. His skin, when freshly washed, tends to take a naturally warm sun kissed look, something we would equate to peoples of middle eastern or caribbean descent. Atop his head is a mop of mid length dark disheveled hair whose war of attrition against the practices of normal grooming is held off at the borders where the boy shaves his head along the side and back. Underneath the stray locks of mess that fall from his head upon his forehead, play two thick dark rectangular eyebrows who accurately exaggerate the boys already adorable set of facial expressions (one does not simply panhandle without first mastering the art of cute!). These eyebrows have a partner in crime in two piercing wide green eyes framed neatly on the outsides by dark lashes. Always darting about, exploring, searching, watching, these two orbs with their hue of fresh forrest moss set Kibu apart in the land of his birth. Another abnormality near his eyes also sets the boy apart. A now ancient scar (in Kibu years) adorns the left side of his face, a rake mark as if made by claws or daggers slide over his brow and continue down his cheek, fortunately leaving his eye unscathed.

Kibus nose, indifferent to the odor the boy produces, sits firmly in the center of his face, though slightly wider at the nostrils and with a bit of a round pudge he still retains from from his youth, though with the constant climate change and the onset of puberty it retains a formidable layer of oil and grime and a slight reddish hue on those colder mornings. His mouth is like one would expect from a boy his size and age, it is neither extraordinary nor dismissible. However he has perfect teeth regardless of the foul odors that ride upon his breath! If I were to describe Kibus voice it would have a sincere tone, deeply set in the octave of a young teen starting to change but lacking the squeaky aspects yet still retaining the slight raspy undertone indicative of a life in the elements.

Riding upon the boys shoulders one finds the dreaded ‘Scarf’ a garment so vile one would surmise the buildup of gunk and dirt to be almost a decade old. He wears it proudly everywhere he goes and is very rarely seen without it. in the hotter months he might favor it tied about his waist to allow his upper torso to breath a little better. Further down kibu is less picky with his outfit. in most weather he finds mild or comfortable the boy enjoys the freedom of going without clothing on his torso. This allows him a much needed a airing out with the potential for rain to remove at least one or two layers of grime. His pants are almost always loose fitting and in darker earthtones. whether the boy uses undergarments is up for debate. From his upper calf down kibu sports leg wrappings that continue down to his feet, this allows him more freedom of movement when darting up a wall or doing the odd handstand. Kibus footwear, when hes wearing it, is of an eastern origin. The soles are of a durable woven grass material forming a type of sandal that breaks the leg wrapping at his toes in a Tabi boot fashion. They offer an unparalleled level of comfort and silence when moving about.

Thats about all there is to say about Kibu. Just remember: wash your hands and other parts should you end up in contact with this little street rat from the mountains!



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