Gyrfalcon Dawn

Session 29 (6/12/15)

A village in distress

Leaving the first town, Zug, the troupe has an uneventful day on the road until late in the afternoon when they detect a knot of local people up ahead. Through his contact with the eagle, Yachak tells them it looks like a funeral procession. Our group stands aside respectfully as they approach, but one woman screeches when she sees the zebra and begins to wail about demons and evil abroad in the world, pointing accusingly at the strangers.

The head of the procession apologies for the disturbance, and introduces himself as the mayor of a town a few miles ahead on a seaside inlet. They have fallen on hard times of late, but he offers the group his hospitality if they would be willing to wait in town until the funeral is over. They find a campground and meet their host when he is free.

They hear a story of a town in serious trouble. People are dying from a mysterious plague and many are going hungry. Yachak offers to examine a few of the sick and determines that they are suffering from poisoning. He is able to help somewhat with one of his herbal concoctions, and gives most of his supply to the mayor to help other sufferers.

[There was also a town meeting where more information about the local fishing practices were revealed, but this has become apocryphal based on later revisions.]


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