Gyrfalcon Dawn

Session 23 Recap (1/23/15)

Exhortation, interrogation, frustration

Kibu and Weed provide a sketchy account of what had happened to them. In the process of rescuing Kibu, Weed had somehow managed to set the whole jail free, and Jarley’s men had brought them back to the theater, and Kibu had somehow captured Crimner, and Weed had helped the Syndicate break into the Bank vaults, and they had all met back in this room for a big meal. The two of them don’t seem very interested in providing details, although the full story may eventually come out if anyone is ever curious enough to ask.

One thing becomes clear, that Crimner is not dead, and they need to talk to Buttles, which Septimus proceeds to do. As he approaches the gazebo through the crowd, the Syndicate leader recognizes him and beckons him up on the stage. Septimus basks in the attention as he regales the town folk with florid accounts of Jarley’s leadership and the Inspector’s perfidy, and adds a grace note for leniency towards the constables, who were only following orders. Grateful for the relief pitching, Buttles again takes over, mentioning that Crimner is under guard at the jailhouse.

They go to the jail and Septimus takes over the interrogation, convincing the others to remain out of sight but within earshot. The Inspector is surly and contemptuous, but claims to have been acting in the town’s best interest, using the conspiracy to wrest power into the hands of those who would govern more responsibly. He hints at vague threats to the safety of the city from forces arrayed beyond its borders, who are just waiting for the opportunity to attack. But he refuses to tell them who he works for and what his exact mission was. He echoes Matreya’s warnings about Nimmo, but is similarly dodgy about what the exact nature of the man’s past crimes may have been. Recognizing the futility of any attempt at talking his way out of his predicament, he falls into silence.

The group returns to the police station, where the crowds have now largely dispersed. The place had been ransacked soon after the capture of the Inspector, and there is now no sign of a single constable or city official. They find Crimner’s office and search it for information, but this is apparently not where he kept his personal files, or any incriminating evidence. There is, however, a wooden military statue on the desk which Septimus smashes open, only to find a jumble of small mechanical gears and parts in a compartment at its base, which they turn over to Weed. They end up sacking out for what’s left of the night on the couches and floor of the office.


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