Gyrfalcon Dawn

Session 22 Recap (1/17/15)

Kibu's got some splainin' to do...

Before long a messenger arrives at the camp, one of the riders which had previously shown up there and been turned away by James and Nhymeri. He is unable to communicate with the group at first, but turns out to speak one of the languages Marina learned from the people under her protection back home. He tells her that their friends have been found and are at the theater in town. He has a paper to give them, one of the wanted posters all sticky with jam and squirrel fur. On the back is a series of drawings depicting Kibu’s rescue by Weed, concluding with a graphic image of Crimner lying dead of multiple stab wounds.

Not sure whether that last part of the drawing is historic or aspirational, they hurry back into town and enter the theater through a side door. They are led to one of the practice rooms where a meeting is breaking up. Some of the conspirators are standing around some documents on one of the tables, which they tell Septimus are from the bank vaults. Apparently there was some kind of raid by Jarley Buttles’ cohorts, accompanied by Weed. Asleep in a corner of the room they find Weed and Kibu asleep.


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